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ACA Penalty Letters
What They Are and What to Do if You Get One

Are you facing Affordable Care Act penalties and worried about the potential of increasingly aggressive Internal Revenue Service (IRS) enforcement efforts? Timing is crucial when it comes to responding to penalty notices, and you need to get it right. This guide will help you understand the types of penalty letters the IRS might issue, the associated information requests, and what might have triggered each letter.


Downloading this guide will help you understand the following letters:


    • Letter 226J
    • Letter 5005-A
    • Letter 972CG
    • CP215
    • CP504B
    • Letter 5699
    • Letter 5698
    • Letter 1865C
    • Letter 3064C
    • Letter 1948C

Don’t let ACA penalties burden your business. Download this helpful PDF to help with your first step towards securing your company’s future.